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Ultimate laser heads for your 3D printer / CNC / engraving machine.

A reliable and endurable laser module for engraving and cutting. Improve your 3D printer or CNC machine or existing frame with powerful diode / DPSS / Fiber laser attachments

Cut up to 10 mm (2/5") of wood, plywood, laserply, color acrylic, fabric, leather.

Cuts up to 0.5 mm metal with DPSS/Fiber laser source

Engrave on leather, glass, acrylic, stone, metals, plastics (PLA, ABS).

Lifetime warranty. DHL express worldwide delivery.

Powerful and reliable lasers

For your 3D printer or CNC router or engraving frame.

Compatible with the most machines.

Quick to hook. Easy to wire.

Endurance Lasers LLC

Endurance lasers LLC is a US-based company (Fl) that makes diode laser heads for 3D printers / CNC machines and XY plotters.

We deliver high-end (non-mass market) products with exclusive support!

Our lasers work 10000 hours! 50-100 times longer than most Chinese analogs.

Our US office

5 Reasons to shop with Endurance Lasers!

Premium Express DHL worldwide free shipment (DDP delivery).
- No extra payments while importing.
- Easy return and refund process.
- Flexible ways of payment. Let us know if you need any alternative.
- Super friendly and supportive Facebook community.

The best value for money! Upgrade your existing 3D printer, CNC, Co2 laser or universal laser engraver frame

  • 10 watt (10000 mw) "PLUS SE" laser module with an ultimate laser diode cooling system
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  • 15 watt (15000 mw) DUOS DIY real rated power output laser module. A DIY version - light and compatible with all frames.
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  • An affordable 4 watt DPSS (infrared) laser metal marking and engraving head - works with all 3D printers and CNC machines
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Add useful laser accessories into your order

Now you can do something like this and even better

Laser engraving on plastic

Plywood laser cutting

Engraving on acrylic

Laser modules for professionals

  • 10 watt (10000 mw) professional laser cutter / engraver for all CNC machines - advanced cooling system, air nozzle, air compressor.
    Endurance lasers
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  • 10 watt (10000 mw) professional laser module for all 3D printers and engraving machines for accurate photoengraving.
    Endurance lasers
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Still, thinking?! Well, here are some notes.

Engrave on metalic surface

Compatible with most 3D printers and CNC routers

Easy to install. Easy to run. Easy to enjoy!

Ultimate tech support

We help our customers in any cases. Prompt responses.

Engrave on any surfaces

Faster engraving on a wood, plywood, leather, glass, stone, acrylic & metals!

Promo video

Open an additional abilities for your 3D printer or CNC machine


After 2 weeks of using this 10W laser module, i would give 5 stars to endurance laser for producing such a magnificent product. their commitment is very satisfying. Well done George!!!

Muhamad Ramizal

After building my first personal laser engraver almost a year and a half ago, Endurance Lasers contacted me about a 10 watt upgrade. I couldn’t refuse. Going from a cheap Chinese “2.5 Watt” laser to this true 10 Watt beast that can run continuously was incredible. This laser is so powerful and can do so much more. Check out my video to learn more about Endurance Lasers 10 Watt laser and how I installed it into my machine at BOS Studios.


Logan Davis

Laser came in mail extremely fast and in great condition. Was very easy to setup and looks professional! Definitely happy with my purchase and this product!


my 10w lazer is fantastic still in the testing stage will cut through 3mm ply 3 passes at 20/255 and 5 passes 200/255 with home made air assist well worth the money well done endurance


I’d like to say, that the endurance support is great. We ran into some technical problems and George helped us. He mailed us up to seven times a day according to provide a result of the problem. So we’d like to thank George for the time he invested in us.

Sven Batista Steinbach

Very pleased with my Endurance 8.5 watt laser purchase…George was very helpful all the way through the process by providing answers, suggestions, and professional help in general…After mounting and setting up the laser, it performs exactly as advertised I’m looking forward to more experimenting with engraving and cutting…thank you George and Endurance Lasers for your product and support.


I was informed about Endurance Lasers by another company, T2Laser which produces laser software. I had a great experience with T2Laser so I thought if they were recommending Endurance Lasers, then it would be worthwhile. I had looked at other lasers over the years, but the most powerful were 3.8 W. I wanted something more powerful. As soon as I contacted George at Endurance, he was very informative and helpful. I really focus on customer service with companies when I buy something, so I wanted to see how he responded to questions. He responded quickly and very thoroughly. I liked that he gave me a personal response each time tailored to my needs. I purchased the 10W laser and as I went through the setup, 

Mike Poling

I had 2 lasers before from China. One was 150mW and the other 15W.
Both had no long lifetime and the 15W was lower powered than the 10W+ which I have now from Endurance-Laser. This laser from Endurance is so powerful that I have to run it very fast for a "non cutting" job - or even throttle down the power over the software. It engraved a anodized aluminium plate 400% faster than the 15W laser from China - and the result was even better. The support is very good and I can say to everyone : " Buy it and you will never be disappointed"

Markus Gessner

First of all, I'd like to start by saying thank you to George from Endurance Lasers, he has been an absolutely massive help and answered any questions I had. Best of all he replies quickly, within minutes usually! Which is insane, I have never had such amazing customer service before.

As for the laser, it is very well built and you can see the work and research that goes into making it. It's easy to set up and very good at engraving wood materials, dark-colored acrylic and cutting black acrylic.


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Featured collection

  • An Endurance DIY Co2 laser kit for upgrading your CNC / 3D Printer / engraving machine.
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  • An Endurance DIY marking machine with 4 / 10 / 30 / 50 watt DPSS / Fiber (Raycus) laser modules with a Sino Galvo head.
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  • An Endurance laser toner (paint removal machine) with 4.5 watt 532 nm green laser
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  • Water TEC cooling water system for Co2 / fiber / diode lasers
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