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About us

About Endurance products

Endurance Lasers LLC is a US based company.

We make lasers and help makers and 3D printer enthusiasts and CNC hobbyists to improve their 3D printers / CNC machine and engraving frames by installing powerful (solid-state) diode lasers with 445 nm / 808 /1064 nm wavelength and different output capacity: 2.1 watt– 20 watt (2100 mW – 20 000 mW).


Our goal

Our goal is to make laser engraving easy and comfortable and open another dimension of your 3D printers and CNC machines.

We have advanced production and perspective R&D department.
Every day we think about showing you more abilities of our lasers: how they can be used at home, small and medium business, in a workshop.

We build strong, friendly community with laser enthusiasts and makers.



If you are looking for support, please contact us directly or post your question on our facebook group.



Our delivery services

First class or priority delivery. US and Canada shipment within 3-5 days. Ultrafast express delivery. Worldwide shipment: 3-5 days. EMS priority delivery. Worldwide shipment: 7-14 days.

Our Credo

If you have any question, a problem or you need any assistance about Endurance laser equipment – our answer is always “YES!”.

We are open and follow the rule

"A customer is always right! We’d better loose a money but not a face."

George I Fomitchev CEO and a founder of Endurance