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Getting started

Follow 5 key points while operating Endurance lasers

When you get the laser there are 3 points that are important:

  1. Laser hook / mount.

  2. Laser connection / pin.

  3. Laser operation / g-code.


Laser mount

The is no need to remove the extruder or a spindle.

The laser has compatible mounts and is provided with compatible mounts: П L I T shapes.


Laser pinouts

To connect the laser to your 3D printer board  - use extruder fan pins.

To connect the laser to your CNC board  - use spindle pin or laser pin (optional)



Laser operation

To run the laser – use the same g-code commands you use on your pin.

To prepare a g-code we recommend to use T2laser software or J Tech Photonics plugin or an Endurance g-code plugin for an Inkscape software.




Endurance lasers have TTL wires that can operate in 3.5V-12V voltage range. TTL has a digital transistor and change a duty ratio of the laser which changes laser power.


Power supply

Endurance lasers are recommended to operate using an external power supply.

For 8.5 watt you need (1) 12V5A AC DC power brick.
For 10 watt you need (1) 12V5A AC DC and (1) 12V 1A for the fans.
For 10 watt+ you need (2) 12V5A AC DC  for the laser box and for the TEC cooling and (1) 12V 1A for the fans.
For 20 you need (2) 12V5A AC DC  for the laser box (1) 12V 1A for the fans.

All Endurance lasers can work out of 9 – 12 VDC.


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