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Limitation of liability

Endurance sells lasers "as is" product. Keep in mind that all Endurance lasers are class 4 which means that you take all responsibility while operating the laser.


You must be at lest 18 years old to purchase the laser.
You must never ever aim at anyone the laser beam.
You must always wear goggles while the laser is working.


Running the laser is always on your own risk.

Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

Do not leave the laser unattendant while it is working.

We suggest to install an additional protective shield on your 3D printer / XY plotter or a CNC router for safetyness purposes.




If you do laser cutting or laser engraving on active chemical surfaces please check that these materials do not generate harardous gases such as: hydrogen, chloride, iodine, etc.


We always recommend to use air (fume) extractor to remove dust and smoke. 

Endurance does not take responsibility for damages that were caused due to the possible operation of the laser however we guarantee the the laser module and the laser driver will not damage your board (mainboard of you 3D printer or CNC machine) if you connect it properly.