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Laser lens pack
Laser lens pack
Laser lens pack

Laser lens pack

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Upgrade your diode laser with a high-quality laser lens package.

Get a spare lens and high-quality and effective lens for accurate and efficient laser cutting and laser engraving.


Endurance offers a full laser lens pack for your diode laser.

The accuracy of laser cutting and laser engraving depends on the laser lens quality.
The better lens – the better the result you will get.
A better lens means a better (smaller) laser beam spot.


If the lens is made out of plastics or is defective then it will not be useful for laser cutting or laser engraving.
The engraving will be blurred and fuzzy.


Endurance offers a laser lens pack for laser makers and professionals.

There are 4 types of lenses that we are offering:
• Regular 3 element lens [installed by default] (black one)
• G2 lens (golden with a small lens)
• G7 lens (black)
• G8 lens (black)

Getting started with laser lens pack


3-element lens (Cleanest beam profile, best for low power lasers)

The 3-element lens has a long focal length, low divergence, and clean beam profile but it has a significant output loss.
Advantage Tight laser beam with the cleanest beam profile
Downsides 70% efficiency (1W diode = 700mw using this lens)


G2 lens (best for power)

The G2 is a single lens enabling the maximum true power of the laser diode for rapid close-range burning and engraving.
Advantage 95% efficiency, reduces the beam aperture
Downsides Increase the beam divergence (thickness) and the beam profile


G7 lens (Balanced Multi-Purpose Perfection)

This lens is a cross between the divergence and the power lens. With the G7, the beam divergence won’t increase as it does with the G2 and you will still get very close power of the laser diode.
Advantage 88% efficiency, long focal length and increases beam aperture.

Keep in mind that a low-quality Chinese lens might have some optical artifacts and other issues that might have a poor effect on laser cutting and laser engraving.


All these lenses were designed by professional optics suppliers and tested in the Endurance laser lab.


3 element laser lens

G2 laser lens

G7 laser lens

G8 laser lens

About the lens Standard 3 element laser lens Short focal G2 laser lens Multifocal G7 laser lens Long focal G8 lens.
G7 Aspheric Glass lens G8 Precision Glass Molding
Optimal focal range 30-100mm 5-30mm 20-100mm 30-100mm
Laser lens material glass glass glass glass
Size M9 x 0.5mm x 10 M9 x 0.5mm x 10 M9 x 0.5mm x 10 M9 x 0.5mm x 10
Wavelength 405-450nm 400nm-700nm broadband coated 400-700nm 400-700nm
AR coating + + + +
Transparency 70% 96% 85% 90%
Components 3 element lens Single Element Single Element Element Aspheric
Laser lens parameters FL: about 8mm Front Focus: 4.02mm EFL=8mm EFL: 8mm
Lens Size: 6mm Back Focus: 4.8mm Laser lens thickness=2.3mm NA: 0.20
Working Focus: 2.357mm NA=0.2
Naked Lens inside: 6.33mm(Diameter) CA=6.5
Divergence: 10.02mm BFL=5.67122
Divergence: 8.8mm
Focal Length: 7mm
Glass Type L-BAL35
Frame material Black metal Golden metal Golden metal Black metal
Laser power 100mW ~ 10W 100mW ~ 10W 100mW ~ 10W 100mW ~ 10W
The best tested focal range* 63-67 mm 32-33 mm 83-85 mm 70-75 mm
The smallest laser beam spot* 85 x 130 microns (uM) 65 x 130 microns (uM) 88 x 130 microns (uM) 77 x 130 microns (uM)


* – those measurements were made in the Endurance laser lab.


Extra laser beam measurement

3 element lens
Focal range – 49.4 mm (2″)
Focal beam spot ~ 0.156 х 0.046 mm

G2 lens
Focal range 10.5 mm (2/5″)
Focal beam spot 0.134 х 0.052 mm

G7 without an extension spacer
Focal range 64.5 mm (2.5″)
Focal beam spot 0.321 х 0.058 mm (quite big)

G7 with an extension spacer
Focal range 19 mm (3/4″)
Focal beam spot 0.094 х 0.041 mm

G8 without an extension spacer
Focal range 84.1 mm (3.3″)
Focal beam spot 0.442 х 0.052 mm (quite big)

G8 with an extension spacer
Focal range 19.7 mm (3/4″)
Focal beam spot 0.104 х 0.075 mm