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G7 laser lens
G7 laser lens
G7 laser lens

G7 laser lens

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G7 laser lens

 Impressive engraving on plywood with G7 laser lens

The G7 is a second-best high pass single lens but it won’t increase the beam divergence as the G2 does. The G7 has a long focal length just like a 3-elements lens. It’s a well-balanced lens that has the advantage of 3 element lens (very good divergence) and G2 (in terms of power).



Optical transmission for 445 nm wavelength  = 90%


An efficient lens for 405-445 nm diode lasers.

Optical parameters:

Focal range 19 mm (3/4″)
Focal beam spot 0.094 х 0.041 mm


This lens is a cross between the divergence and the power lens. With the G7, the beam divergence won’t increase as it does with the G2 and you will still get very close power of the laser diode.

Advantage 88% efficiency, long focal length and increases beam aperture.



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