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G2 short focal lens
G2 short focal lens
G2 short focal lens

G2 short focal lens

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G2 short focal lens.

An efficient lens for 405-445 nm diode lasers.

Optimal for laser cutting and accurate laser engraving.

Has the smaller laser beam spot.


Focal range: 5-30 mm (1/6'' - 1.2'')



Optimal parameters:

Focal range 10.5 mm (2/5″) [range from the lens to a surface]
Focal beam spot 0.134 х 0.052 mm



Optical transmission for 445 nm wavelength  = 94%


Comparing laser cutting 3 element lens + air nozzle ver 1.0 vs. G2 lens + air nozzle ver 2.0

G2 laser lens with an air nozzle ver 2.0 (plywood cutting)


Allows getting the thinnest engraving line.